Athletic Pre-Participation

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The Athletic Pre-Participation section is where you manage and complete the required forms enabling you to participate.

What do I need to do to complete the online forms?
Create/Login to Accounts
  • Parent & student create their own accounts, choosing the school in which you/your student studies as the home school.
  • Already have an account- login with the email and password you selected upon account creation.
  • Both the parent AND student's participation is required to complete the steps below. A person attempting to complete the steps below, for both the parent and student, will create significant issues that will prohibit the completion of the Pre-Participation Registration process.
Link Accounts
Select Athletic to Participate
Select Additional Schools (If applicable)
Complete Pre-Participation Registration Forms
  • To complete the forms scroll down the page to the Pre-Participation Registration Forms section.
  • Web-forms - complete all fields within the web-form, digitally sign and submit each form
  • Upload Only - forms in which can only be uploaded. IE. Birth Certificate, Physical Exam from Physician
  • *The number and type of forms/documents required vary by Organization/District/School. (The average being 6 forms)
  • Need Help? Review the Completing Forms Help Guide
Parent & Student Digitally Sign Forms
  • The party that completes the form first, for example the parent, will have the ability to digitally sign each form upon completion. The second person, the student, will be sent an email and/or text message alerting them their signature is required on that form. A link back to this form is provided within the email.
  • One also has the ability to login to their PlanetHS account and click on the form that is marked as pending
  • Web-forms - most web-forms require both the student and parent signature.
  • Upload Only - these forms only require one person to upload. The second signature is not required.
  • Need Help? Review the Completing Forms Help Guide
Form Review and Acceptance by School Faculty/Staff
  • The designated person for your school, Sports Director or Secretary, will review your submitted forms and approve or decline the forms.
  • Declined Forms - if a form is declined by the school, the form will be set back to pending your review and both the parent and student will receive an email with the reason for declining the specific form.
    • Update information on the web-form or Upload the correct legible form and digitally sign the form(s) for re-submission to the school for approval.
Helpful Tips!

Total Time: 10 - 20 minutes

Reviewing Forms for the below School Year: